Gatorland – September 15, 2018

Gatorland – Orlando, Florida

More than Gators at Gatorland !

From the Unofficial Guide (to) Beyond Disney “The alligator breeding marsh is one of Gatorland’s most unexpected attractions. Set in the middle of a park of zoolike cages and enclosures, this large body of water is home to nearly 200 alligators in their natural setting. You’re looking at the real ranch behind all the wrestlin’ and jumpin’. A flotilla of a couple dozen gators hovering placidly by your feet is enough to make you reconsider leaning over the railing for a better photo. …

The marsh is also a haven for bird-watchers. Every year, more than 4,000 birds make their home at Gatorland, including green, blue, and tricolored herons; cattle egrets; and cormorants. At feeding time, the trees along the boardwalk marsh fill with waterbirds, including several rare and protected species.”

Not an albino – but a genetic colouring mutation:


Chess Tables ?!